Epson【ELP-DC21】高清實物投影機 | 2M Pixels | 10x Digital Zoom
@Epson 教學實物投影機 ELP-DC21


#2.0M pixels 1/2.7″CMOS Sensor
#11.7×20.7”(Max. A3+) Shooting Area
#12X Optical Zoom & 10X Digital Zoom
#30fps Frame Rate & HDMI Output
#Simply one-touch Auto Focus & Video Recording
#Built-in 2 LED lights for display bright image
#Foldable Mechanical Structure
出貨方式 送貨
定價 HK$5,680
價錢 HK$4,999

為優質的課堂提供特寫細節 – 10倍數碼變焦加12倍光學變焦

  • 驚人的清晰度和色彩 – 高清1080p輸出分辨率
  • 高級連接 – 高清晰度視頻的HDMI連接
  • 分享放大圖像 – 包括顯微鏡適配器;支持多款標準顯微鏡
  • 記錄和共享音頻/視頻課程 – 內置麥克風和附帶的軟件;一鍵式A / V錄製
  • 超平滑的視頻性能 – 每秒30幀(fps),1080p幀速率
  • 攝取,保存和顯示圖像 – 支持SD卡和電腦
  • 方便的凍結和攝取按鈕 – 輕鬆暫停和/或恢復圖像

Take lessons further with the Full HD 1080p resolution Epson ELP-DC21 document camera. This flexible document camera easily captures and displays books, 3D objects and experiments. Simplified connectivity makes installation and control easier than ever before. The ELP-DC21 has a robust and durable design, with great security features allowing it to be permanently placed in a classroom or boardroom. Teachers can use the ELP-DC21 to demonstrate the view from a microscope, a live experiment in science class or display fine prints from an architectural drawing onto the bigger projected screen.

Compatible with Epson EIT(Easy Interactive Tools)software, users can keep video recording with audio, image capturing and save recordings to a SD card or computer.

With a large, highly efficient 1/2.7″ CMOS imaging sensor, the ELP-DC21 delivers bright images with high quality that will bring life to classroom activities. Paired with 12x optical zoom plus 10x digital zoom capabilities, capturing the finest details of an object is a breeze. Even large objects are no issue for the ELP-DC21. Large capture area (maximum 297 x 526 mm at 1080p resolution) makes it easy to display full A3 sized pages.

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