Keychron【K14】Hot-Swappable 70% 無線機械鍵盤 (G Pro青/茶)
"-70% wireless mechanical keyboard -Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless connection / Type-C cable -Connect up to 3 devices wirelessly at once -Compatible with Windows/Android/Mac/iOS -72 keys -Gateron G Pro Mechanical Switch -4000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery -Up to 570 hours Working Time -Dimension (Aluminum bezels version): 337 x 108mm -Height without keycap (front) 24mm -Height without keycap (rear) 42mm -Weight: About 735g / 1.62 lbs "
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價錢 HK$799

The K14 has included keycaps for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Keychron K14
70% Layout. Wireless.

K14 is a compact wireless mechanical keyboard that retains direct access to the entire navigation cluster (home, end, arrow keys etc.) that a tenkeyless keyboard does, but in a smaller footprint.

The hot-swappable option on both the Gateron and Non-backlight versions offers the freedom to easily customize per-key typing experience without soldering.

Gateron Mechanical

Durable Gateron G Pro mechanical switch with a 50 million keystroke lifespan to provide an unrivaled tactile responsiveness.


The K14’s 70% layout is a unique but probably underrated layout, it retains direct access to the entire navigation cluster (home, end, page up, page down, arrow keys etc.) of a tenkeyless keyboard does, while other compact keyboards may need to access navigation keys via a combination of keypresses.


Number of Keys: 72
Number of Multimedia Keys: 12
Frame Material: ABS / ABS+Aluminum bezels
Keycap Material: Double-Shot ABS (Non-backlight version) / ABS
Keycap Profile: OEM
Layout: ANSI
Version: Keychron Mechanical / Keychron Mechanical (Hot-Swappable) / Gateron Mechanical / Gateron Mechanical (Hot-Swappable)
Switches: Gateron G Pro Mechanical / Keychron Mechanical

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