Oneisall【Kyle】6in1 多功能寵物護理機
全球第一部同時擁有吸毛+吹毛既寵物機 多種功能集於一機除咗有最常見嘅剪毛髮外 ,一邊梳毛一邊吸毛,咁甩出嚟嘅毛就唔洗 飛到落雪咁❄
仲有埋吹嘅功能,吹吸梳毛一 機有齊哂, 慳錢得嚟仲慳埋時間添!!!最主要喺好靜音運作,咁就唔會嚇親屋企嘅 寵物啦!!

👍🏻 既可吹乾毛髮又可吸取毛髮
👍🏻 毛髮收取盒,不怕毛髮周圍飛
👍🏻 可配上6個不同尺寸剪頭,邊剪邊吸毛
👍🏻 超靜音操作,寵物不再驚怕
👍🏻 阻隔毛髮專利
👍🏻 快速吹乾效能,節省時間
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定價 HK$1,259
價錢 HK$1,199
全球第一部同時擁有吸毛+吹毛既寵物機 多種功能集於一機除咗有最常見嘅剪毛髮外 ,一邊梳毛一邊吸毛,咁甩出嚟嘅毛就唔洗 飛到落雪咁❄
仲有埋吹嘅功能,吹吸梳毛一 機有齊哂, 慳錢得嚟仲慳埋時間添!!!最主要喺好靜音運作,咁就唔會嚇親屋企嘅 寵物啦!!


About this item

  • ❤️🐶Vacuum, Dryer and Clippers 3 in 1. The blow dryer is a bonus for pet grooming vacuum. It allows you to shed your pets, wash, dry and trim their hair at home easily. Try to say goodbye to groomer. You can store all the tools in our storage bag and take them out when you need it in the travel.
  • ❤️🐱No Hair to Escape to the Floor. You can adjust the suction and pick a perfect one for your small and large pets. The curve slicker brush and shed brush would help to suck the hair out effectively and let your pets feel comfortable.
  • ❤️🐶Blow Your Pets with Fresh Air and Keep Their Hair Fluffy. Here are 7 levels of blow temperature: 95⁰F-104⁰F-113⁰F-122⁰F-131⁰F-140⁰F-149⁰F. It includes a round, narrow and diffuser blow nozzles to dry your pets hair and keep them look fluffy. The length of the power cord plus the length of hose is 137 inches. You can blow your pets in the backyard.
  • ❤️🐱Low Noise, Won’t Scare Pets. The noise of this pet hair vacuum is less than 60 dB. It is much more quiet than a vacuum cleaner.
  • ❤️🐶Make An Even Cut to Keep Your Pets Look Pretty. You can use the clippers with vacuum or separately. We recommend you to use the pet clippers with vacuum as it will make even cuts easily. You don’t need to clean up the hair on the floor if you attach the dog clippers to the hose and turn on the vacuum during trimming.
  • ❤️🐱Be A Home Groomer and Live An Easy Life Now. We all know that our pets need to be groomed regularly to keep healthy and look well. To use a grooming vacuum and dryer would let you save much time and money compared to go to a groomer, especially for multi pets families. The most important is that the pets would feel more comfortable and reduce anxiety when they get groomed by their owners.


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