J5create【JVCU100】360°旋轉 USB 視像鏡頭

這款可旋轉 360 度的 USB™ 高清網路攝影機提供全高清 1080p 解析度

它非常適合日常使用,具有高保真麥克風可減少外部噪音,並且具有自動調整以適應不同照明條件的增強光線敏感度。此外,它具有 80° 的視野角度,並可旋轉 360°,提供最大的靈活性。

這款 USB™ 高清網路攝影機是即插即用的,可與 Zoom®、Skype®、Microsoft Teams™ 和 Google Meet™ 等熱門應用程式配合使用。該攝影機與 Windows®、macOS®、Chrome OS™ 兼容,是家庭或辦公室的完美攝影機。

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1080P at 30 FPS (Frames Per Second)

High definition 1080p video quality at 30 FPS gives you the ability to capture all the subtle details of movements, expressions, and more.

Full HD 1080P Video Conferencing

Take your video/conference calls to the next level with the HD webcam with H.264.

H.264 | MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding)

H.264 video compression provides Blu-Ray™-quality video at considerably lower bit rates , which saves significant disk space while capturing videos.

Low Light Enhancement

F/2.4 aperture lens and security camera image sensor with enhanced light sensitivity gives you the ability to capture more light and higher clarity images, making it ideal for better low light capture and blurless movement.

Brighter and More Vivid Images

The low light enhancement feature automatically adjusts the brightness and color scales to accommodate low-light environments.

Designed for Team Collaboration

80° field of view, along with the 360° rotation, gives you the ability and flexibility to see more and fit more into the picture.

Built-in High Fidelity Microphone

Greatly reduces power and environmental noises.

Wide Compatibility

LINE®, Zoom®, Facebook® messenger, Skype®, joinme®, RingCentral® , Amazon® Chime™, ClickMeeting™, BlueJeans®, GoToMeeting®, Adobe® Connect™, Microsoft® Teams.

360° Rotation

Standard UVC/UAC Protocol

Plug and Play

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