Vertagear【SL3800】HygennX 人體工學電競椅 (2色)
◆ContourMax Lumbar 技術
◆VertaAir Seat 記憶坐墊,超好坐
◆Effortless Assembly 簡化組裝方式
◆HygennX 咖啡纖維材質
◆Penta RS1 頂級賽車腳輪
出貨方式 送貨
定價 HK$2,399
價錢 HK$2,380

Revolutionizing health and comfort, the Vertagear Racing Series SL3800 is engineered to tailor itself to your ergonomic needs. Sporting Vertagear’s new proprietary ContourMax Lumbar and VertaAir Seat, the SL3800’s contouring backrest and cutting-edge seat design puts your health first and lets you game, work, or study in prolonged comfort.

Vertagear Signature: ContourMax Lumbar

ContourMax Lumbar

Prevent back pain before it becomes an issue

In a natural setting, sitting for prolonged periods would normally cause inevitable back pain for any person. However, through our breakthrough research of ergonomics, we’ve engineered a new chair design that absolves all aches.

Our patent pending ContourMax Lumbar features a layer of memory foam that adjusts specifically to the curves and angles of any individual’s body. Four highly durable Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) modules, consisting of 64 individual responsive branches, lay beneath the foam and shift themselves according to the shape and movement of the sitter’s back, always maintaining a healthy posture.

Vertagear Signature: VertaAir Seat

VertaAir Seat

Comfort Where It Matters

A major cause of back pain is gravitational pressure not evenly distributed and released when sitting for prolonged hours. Our seat padding is inspired by Bernoulli's principle to generate aerodynamic lift that can negate gravitational pressure evenly across your back and bottom.

Our VertaAir Seat comes equipped with eight hexagonal air pillars. These pillars host air tunnels with 4-way air emission tunnels, emitting air in and out to provide breathability and pressure relief on your sit bones for a healthy back.

Other Features

Vertagear key features

  • Dimension (Wx H xD mm): ‎73.66 x 73.66 x 131.06
  • Pressure Relief for your Sit Bones
  • Built-in Contour
  • Max Lumbar
  • Ergonomic
  • ‎Faux Leather
  • Steel,Memory and UPHR Foam
  • TPEE
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Polyvinyl Chloride
  • L-Shaped
  • Max. 100kg
  • 原裝行貨
  • 1年代理保養
  • Vertagear 電腦椅需知 :
    ( ! )產品不包安裝,如要安裝需加HKD 300,全香港,九龍,新界地區免費上門送貨(離島及偏遠地區除外)。
    ( ! )南丫島、長洲、坪洲及禁區等, 因無法以貨車直送,可相約到中環碼頭或禁區外交收。
    ( ! )東涌 / 機場 / 馬灣 需額外附加費: HK$150 及 愉景灣 需額外附加費: HK$250, 除以上地區一律免費。
    ( ! )如送貨地址無電梯直達,因此需搬運上樓,首1-3級樓梯費用全免; 包括頭1-3級樓梯內每一層或每15級樓梯以內當一層,所需附加費: HK$50/每層。*如每層樓之梯級數多於 15 級時,將當作多於一層計算。
    ( ! )如貨車不能直達,司機需要落車送貨上門, 首 100 公尺搬運距離內費用全免, 期後每 50 公尺搬運距離所需附加費: HK$50/50公尺。
    ( ! )詳情可與我們聯絡,Whatsapp : (852) 9427-7297 或電郵。