LifeSmart【ColoLight Strip Set】(30LEDs/m) 智能燈帶 (2米)
@LifeSmart ColoLight Strip Set (30LEDs/m) 智能燈帶 - 2米套裝

#通過 Apple Home 應用程序輕鬆設置以進行控制。
#音樂可視化工具-Cololight Strip 與您的音樂同步。
#HomeKit版控制器 - 支援Apple HomeKit、收音變色、Wi-Fi連接
#IP65 Weatherproof ,迷你控制器,自定義每顆燈珠顏色
#2米燈帶 (30LEDs/m) + HomeKit版智能控制器
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價錢 HK$188-359

Cololight Strip

16 million different lighting effects|Length adjustable by cutting

Cololight Strips are the perfect way to addambience to any room and with its unique flexibility to be concealed almostanywhere, you can showcase your favorite works of art. Capable of creating 16million different lighting effects with adjustable brightness and preset modes,you can always easily set the mood for that romantic dinner and seamlessly letit transition into a party setting. Let your lights change to your desiredambience based on the time of day, temperature, or even by opening a door.

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