Govee【H61B2】霓虹電視背光燈帶 RGBIC Neon TV Backlight | H61B2
@Govee RGBIC Neon TV Backlight 霓虹電視背光燈帶 H61B2

#分段 RGBIC 燈:同時更改顏色、亮度和效果
#免提:使用 Alexa 和 Google Assistant 進行智能語音控制
#安裝靈活:覆蓋 48-55 英寸電視和 65-75 英寸電視
#Govee Home 功能:自定義顏色或與您的音樂同步
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180 LED Beads
Neon TV Backlight
a couple of television screens
Govee Neon TV Backlight
More delicate and mesmerizing lighting effects
Ordinary Light Strip
Lights are dim and not clear enough
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Install with Ease
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Step 1
Wipe the back panel of the TV to make sure its surface is dry and clean before attaching the mounting clips. Select the positioning card according to the size of your TV, A or B.
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Step 2
Stick the positioning card to the back edge of the TV as shown in the image. Install the mounting clips one by one based on the size of the TV as indicated by the positioning cards. Press each clip for 10 seconds to ensure they are fully attached.
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Step 3
● For curved back panels, the corner mounting clips may need to be flexed when pressed onto the back panel to ensure they are attached correctly.
● Always face the bottom side of the clip with the longer wall to the inner area of the back panel for better lighting effects.
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Step 4
After installing all the clips, slowly remove the positioning cards. Starting with the mounting clip at the bottom right (facing the back panel), install the strip light on the mounting clips counterclockwise.


Model: H61B2
Color: RGBIC
Suitable TV Size: 48-75 inches
Control Methods: Voice Control, APP Control, Control Box
Length: 9.84ft
LED Beads: 180
Voltage: 24 V
Wattage: 36 watts
Item Weight: 2.82lbs

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